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An Otter Slide Somewhere in Georgia

March 7, 2015

I’m not opposed to hunting and fishing for food.  If it wasn’t for hunters, there would be few wild places left. Wildlife management areas contain some of the best wildlife habitat in Georgia and often support more faunal diversity than parks.  It’s a shame, though, that the only reason many animals are protected and kept alive is so humans can then go kill them during hunting season.  I suppose there are many hunters who do appreciate the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors, but there are too many who simply take joy in the killing of animals. Psychologists understand this as substitution.  I’m not claiming all hunters are substituting a sadistic desire to torture and kill other people by torturing and killing animals instead, but hunting does attract lots of sadists.  A brief perusal of hunting message boards will confirm this.

Despite my disgust for some of the dumb brutes who post there, I regularly check the trail cam photo section of the Georgia Outdoor News Forum.  I like to know what kind of wildlife still occurs in Georgia.  (Imagine if we could send a trail cam back in time to the Pleistocene.  How entertaining would that be?) I found a really impressive series of pictures taken from a trail cam placed next to an otter slide.  Otters and beavers like to slide down toward a body of water.  This particular slide is on the backside of an earthen dam.  I’ve only encountered 1 otter slide.  When my parents moved to Athens, Georgia in 1976, there was a vast stretch of piney woods behind our house.  I found an otter slide in the woods leading to a creek.  I never did see the otters, probably because they were nocturnal.  So it was a real treat to come across these photos.  This trail cam also took photos of raccoon, deer, possum, and a great blue heron.

Location in Cherokee County and the state of Georgia

Cherokee County, Georgia.  The following pics were likely taken somewhere in this county.  The man who posted the photos is from Woodstock, Georgia located in Cherokee County.  I found them on the Georgia Outdoor News Message Board.

When I first saw this photo, I thought for sure 6 people had misidentified it as a catfish.  It looked like a pickerel from this angle.  But when I examined it further, I did recognize it as a catfish.  It’s a skinny catfish.

According to the guy who posted these pics, the sadistic redneck landowner set a trap at the bottom of the slide and killed an otter…probably this one.

Beavers also like to use slides.

Bobcat and otter.

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More Pics from a different slide in Georgia: