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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is Politically Correct Bullshit

January 31, 2020

I was listening to NPR the other day and heard 2 women lamenting the low number of female artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They thought the Hall should be more diverse.  What a load of politically correct bullshit!   Rock and Roll was born from a fusion of African rhythm and blues with what used to be known as hillbilly music, but since its birth 70 years ago, a great majority of rock artists have been white males.  Perhaps 85% of rock artists have been white men.  Just think of the greatest rock groups of all time–Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, etc.–and most consist of 4 or 5 white men.  So demographically, it makes sense that most Hall of Fame inductees have been white men.  Induction into the Hall of Fame should be based entirely on talent, musicianship, great song production, and influence; not race, ethnicity, or gender.

A bigger problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is its long time prejudice against hard rock/heavy metal, and in recent years its capitulation to the rising tide of political correctness.  I declare Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and dead gangsta rappers DO NOT belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They are not rock artists.  How can they even be considered for the Hall of Fame when many of the acts I list below have never been nominated?  The Hall originated in 1983, yet a hard rock/heavy metal band was not inducted until 2003 when AC/DC finally made it in.  Since then, an additional 5 hard rock/heavy metal acts have been inducted but in almost every case it was like pulling teeth.  Rush and Deep Purple were nominated a whole bunch of times before they were eventually inducted.  In other cases the voting committee showed complete ignorance of the genre. Metallica was inducted in 2011, and Guns and Roses were inducted the first time they were nominated a few years later.  This is like inducting Joe Cocker before the Beatles.  Without Judas Priest there would be no Metallica and Guns and Roses.  Yet, Judas Priest, though finally nominated twice, still has not been inducted.

I’m not going to lie.  Judas Priest is my favorite rock band, and as long as they are kept out of the Hall, I’m going to be outraged, especially when younger less talented acts make it in. Nirvana was inducted a few years ago.  Half of 1 of their albums is pretty good.  Judas Priest has made at least 6 albums better than Nirvana’s best.  Green Day has been inducted.  I like Green Day.  But I listened to Judas Priest and Green Day back to back, and compared to Judas Priest, Green Day sounds like shit.  Green Day would not want Judas Priest to open for them.

The following is my list of 15 artists or acts who should already be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I guarantee they are all better than this year’s inductees.

1. Judas Priest–Judas Priest originated in 1969, and they are still touring and producing quality albums.  These rockers invented thrash metal and influenced countless heavy metal bands but know how to make popular radio friendly songs–something other metal groups struggle to accomplish. They’ve made 18 albums, selling over 50 million copies.  Some of their best albums are British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance, Hell Bent for Leather, and Firepower.  Below is an example of radio friendly metal.


2. 10 Years After–10 Years After began in 1960 and are most famous for playing at Woodstock.  They played an heavy blues rock that sounds particularly energetic when performed live and in fact recorded 16 live albums along with 12 studio albums and 26 compilation albums.  They sold over 22 million albums and 8 of them landed on the U.K.’s top 40 list.  Their best songs  include “Going Home,” the thought provoking “I’d Love to Change the World,” and “I Woke up this Morning.”  The below link plays a 10 Years After cover of jazz great Woody Herman’s “Woodchopper’s Ball.” and shows why this band should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame based on musicianship alone.

3. The Scorpions–The Scorpions formed in 1965 and have sold over 110 million albums worldwide.  They are the best rock band to ever come out of Germany.  They are most famous for “Rock you Like a Hurricane,” but Animal Magnetism is the best of their 18 albums.  Nevertheless, they’ve never even been nominated.  Below is a link to 1 of their little known but great songs.


4. The Carpenters–The Carpenters have also never been nominated, despite inventing the power ballad and nailing 15 number 1 hits on the top 40 billboard.  All hard rock bands from the mid 1970’s to the late 1980’s had to have 1 power ballad on their albums because they knew you can’t go 150 mph all the time.  Some times you have to slow down and enjoy the scenery.  The Carpenters were a big influence on hard rock, though all of their songs are soft rock and easy listening.  The critics who have kept them out of the Hall are the same critics who love Elvis Costello and inducted him years ago.  Elvis Costello made 1 song that got a little radio play over 30 years ago, but no songs he ever wrote are close to being as good as any Carpenter’s song.

It may be a mellow, but just listen to the wall of sound on this song.

5. Bernie Taupin–He wrote the lyrics for 99% of Elton John’s songs.  Without Bernie Taupin no one would have ever heard of Reginald Dwight, aka Elton John.  His absence from the Hall is an astonishing oversight.

6. Ozzy Osbourne–He’s already in as the lead singer for Black Sabbath, but his solo career has arguably surpassed the quality of his work with Black Sabbath.  “Crazy Train,” “Flying High Again,” “I just want you,” and “No More Tears” are some of his most outstanding songs.

Image result for Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is already in the Hall as a member of Black Sabbath, but his solo career has arguably surpassed the group that spawned his career.

7. Boston–Boston is another group never even nominated.  Their music is very polished rock.  All 8 songs from their debut album still get heavy radio play on classic rock stations today over 40 years after it was released. I think people don’t realize how good they are because their songs are overplayed and taken for granted.

Image result for Boston's 1st album

The cover of Boston’s first album.  All 8 songs from this album still get heavy radio play on classic rock stations.

8. The Monkees–The Monkees were a made for television band, but their music became more popular than the tv show.  At first they weren’t even allowed to play their instruments.  Eventually, they did compose their own songs.  During 1967 they sold more albums than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.  I don’t care what anybody says–I like their music and they deserve to be in the Hall.

9. Huey Lewis and the News–The Hall seems to have skipped over a big chunk of 1980’s music.  Huey Lewis recorded 9 albums that sold over 30 million copies, and his music videos played constantly on MTV through the early 1990’s.  They are known for such iconic hits as “I Need a New Drug,” “Heart of Rock and Roll,” “Perfect World,” and “Hip to be Square.”  Another never been nominated snub.

Image result for Huey Lewis and the news sports album cover

His 2nd album.  This album alone should get Huey Lewis and the News into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

10. Robert Plant–He’s already in as the lead singer for Led Zeppelin, but he has had an outstanding solo career.  He’s released 11 studio albums including Pictures at Eleven, Manic Nirvana, and the critically acclaimed Mighty Re-Arranger. 

I was listening to Robert Plant’s Manic Nirvana album the first time I laid eyes on my wife.

11. Blue Oyster Cult–Blue Oyster Cult originated during 1967 in New York.  “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is their most famous song, but they had a number of other hits including “Godzilla,” “Burning for You,” and “Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll.”  They’ve sold over 22 million albums, and their induction into the Hall is long overdue.  They were nominated once.

This song alone should get BOC in the Hall.

12. Joe Cocker–Joe Cocker is best known for his Beatles covers such as his version of “A Little Help from my Friends,” but he has many great songs of his own–“You are so Beautiful,” “High Time we Went,” and “The Letter.”

This song always makes me think of a woman who would write a letter about me to Penthouse Forum.

13. The B-52’s–The B-52’s originated in Athens, Georgia and were a big influence on the New Wave rock of the early 1980’s.  They are yet another 1980’s band ignored by the Hall.  They had a unique sound that no other band could duplicate.

What a unique sound.

14. The Georgia Satellites–Yes, another 1980’s band ignored by the Hall.  “Keep your Hands to Yourself” is their most famous song and was played often on MTV during the mid-1980’s.  That song reminds me of my first date, but their song “Tied Down with Battle Ship Chains,” reminds me of my marriage.

This song reminds me of marriage.

15. Ted Nugent–Ted Nugent, also known as the Motor City Mad Man because he hails from Detroit, will never get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, though he deserves it.  He is just too politically incorrect.  I don’t care if he does make racist comments and said he’d like to stick a machine gun up Hillary Clinton’s vagina, his music is great.  “Cat Scratch Fever” alone is enough to get him in the Hall.  Personally, I think he’s an howling idiot when it comes to politics, but I still love his guitar playing.  When the Hall of Fame airs their induction ceremony on HBO later this year, I am turning the television off and listening to “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang,” (studio version) and “Wango Tango.”