A Survey of Indian Massacres on U.S. Territory

The woke generation believes Europeans were always the bad guys, and American Indians were completely innocent in their historical conflicts. Many of the woke unfairly compare the U.S. government with Nazi Germany’s actions during the holocaust. This politically correct consensus is naive and untrue. The U.S. government never had a “final solution” policy to completely eradicate Indians. The conflict between Europeans and Indians was a war over land, and the Indians were the losers. Perhaps that is why they evoke sympathy, but there were genocides and atrocities committed by both sides. Some argue Indians were justified when killing innocent Europeans because they were defending their land. I reject this apologist reasoning. I also challenge anybody to show me a legal deed with a claim the Indians owned all of the Americas. Killing innocent people is never justifiable.

I surveyed a Wikipedia entry about Indian massacres, focusing on just those that occurred on U.S. territory. I wondered what the statistical breakdown would look like. The Wikipedia list of Indian massacres is not complete, and historians have discovered additional incidents, but the data I used was what was easily available to me.


From 1539-1700 there were 25 Indian massacres of white people and 21 white massacres of Indians. Between 1700-1800 there were 31 Indian massacres of white people and 16 white massacres of Indians. Between 1800-1911 there were 34 Indian massacres of white people and 79 white massacres of Indians. Between the time of initial European colonization and final defeat of the Indians there were a total of 90 Indian massacres of white people and 116 white massacres of Indians. Historians know of 13 Indian on Indian massacres during this time period, but undoubtedly there were many more. Most Indians never recorded their history.

Artist’s depiction of the Jamestown colony massacre. 1 scholar believes this was an act of genocide according to modern United Nations rules. Indians were not always innocent victims as many of the woke crowd on twitter believe.
I don’t believe the U.S. federal government had an official policy of wiping out Indians, but there were regional genocides, especially in California and Utah. Scholars debate whether a genocide against Indians occurred in California. In my opinion it definitely was a genocide. Local greedy businessmen wanted Indians off the land, so they could profit from the natural resources, and they saw them as nothing but potential slaves.

Hernando de Soto initiated the violence between Europeans and Indians in the south when he executed 200 Indians for not telling him where non-existent gold was. This is known as the Napitua Massacre. A few years later Indians avenged this massacre and wiped out most of De Soto’s party. However, in the north, the warlike Powhatan Indians drew first blood against the English when they murdered 50 starving colonists in 1609. During 1622 Powhatan Indians entered the Jamestown settlement in Virginia under the guise of offering to sell them food. They picked up farm implements and killed 347 innocent men, women, and children. Then, they blockaded the settlement all winter, causing the starvation deaths of 500 additional people. The English got their revenge the following year when they invited the Indians to a celebration and served them poisoned wine. 250 Indians died. In 1644 the Powhatan killed over 400 settlers. The Powhatan’s chiefs’ goal was to completely wipe out Europeans in America, and scholars do think this would be considered genocide by modern U.N. standards. While the U.S. Army was busy preserving the Union during the Civil War, Indians attacked settlers in Minnesota and killed over 800 people–another example of genocide when white people were the victims.

European treatment of Indians out West, particularly on formerly Spanish-held land, was brutal. Mormons in Utah were really bad. Brigham Young did order the partial extermination of Indians for stealing cattle, and he used them to attack non-Mormon settlers. The Indians were stealing cattle because Europeans eliminated their main food supply–bison. Another regional genocide occurred in California, though I don’t blame the U.S. government. In 1850 the California state government passed the Orwellian sounding The California Act for the Government and Protection of Indians. This law was an excuse to enslave Indians. Local greedy businessmen including farmers, ranchers, miners, and slave-traders killed 10,000 Indians in less than 2 decades. The U.S. government turned a blind eye to this genocide, but I think the effort to preserve the Union was sucking all the oxygen out of the room, and the government was unable to focus on anything else. Scholars debate over whether this was a genocide because 90% of the Indians died due to diseases for which they had little resistance and not direct violence. In my opinion it was a genocide. There were so many massacres of innocent people, disparagingly called “diggers” because they dug for edible roots, that it had to be a deliberate extermination campaign. The Emancipation Proclamation caused the California Indian Act to be repealed in 1863, but by then it was too late. The last white massacre of Indians occurred at Wounded Knee in South Dakota when 190 Indians were murdered.

There is no excuse for the federal government’s neglect of Indians since they’ve been put on reservations.



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