Pleistocene Foot, Hoof, and Paw Prints in New Mexico

(Note: Since I wrote this article, scientists have estimated these footprints are 21,000 years old.)

I worked alongside many young married men when the Augusta Chronicle employed me in their circulation department a few decades ago.  They all complained how their wives refused to have sex with them after having a baby.  My wife had a stroke during the birth of our daughter, and because of her disability I was forced to perform more mothering than most men.  Toddlers between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old go through a clinging stage.  All day long it seemed as if my child was constantly clinging to me or needing me to carry her.  By the time I got her to bed, I was so tired of human contact that sexual intercourse was the last thing I wanted.  Thus, I gained some insight into why the wives of my colleagues were not in the mood for romance after caring for a baby or toddler all day.  Evidence from over 11,000 years ago found in White Sands National Park suggests taking care of a toddler was a mood-killing chore even then.



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