The 10th Anniversary of Georgia Before People

I started this blog during March of 2010 to promote my book.  I never imagined that I would enjoy my blog more than my book.  I looked at some of my early entries, and at first the blog seemed to be my private nature notebook opened to the public.  I was merely sharing what I studied and learned about pre-historic ecology along with my thoughts and opinions.  But gradually, I began writing more extensive essays.  Now, I have 113 followers who receive my weekly essay in their email box, though I wonder how many of them get marked as spam.  The number of people who read my blog has varied over the years.  2012 and 2017 were my biggest years.  I think I wrote some of my best essays during those years, but I don’t know if that is why the numbers were higher then.  I don’t really promote my blog on message boards like I used to, and my blog readership largely depends upon search engines.  Lately, readership has fallen off, and the effort I put into my blog has as well.  I’m spending more time looking at naked women on Twitter than researching the latest scientific papers.  If I was ambitious, I could go back and correct all the factual errors in my earlier blog entries and replace the photos that no longer show up, but life is too short.  I’m not getting paid to keep this blog up.  It is just an hobby for me.


Site stats for my blog since 2011.


Site stats for my blog since September of 2017.  Note the decline in readership.  I almost have 1 million views all time.

I reviewed my past blog entries and found a few of my favorite photos I’d like to share in celebration of my 10th anniversary.

This photo is from 2010 in an article entitled “Atlatl Adventures Part 1.”  There was never a part 2.

I can’t believe my luck.  I actually got a photo of a large bobcat.

Another lucky photo–a loggerhead shrike.  Unfortunately, my computer crashed in December of 2017and I lost my photo of a black bear I took at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I have that photo on my Facebook page, but a reader has to be friends with me to see it.  I didn’t realize that when I initially linked Facebook photos on my wordpress blog–hence the articles in 2016/2017 with a bunch of photos that don’t show up.

Bison at Land Between the Lakes.

Wakulla Springs 011

Wakulla Springs egret rookery.


6 Responses to “The 10th Anniversary of Georgia Before People”

  1. ine puustinen westerholm Says:

    Coolness..and if the nudes on twitter..are fun, not just’voyerisim’..wot de hell! Enjoy Since I am not on those sites..i have NO idea..what they..actually post. We could sedate a bobcat fer a closeup..send it back to you. Takes about 3 weeks..between their ambles through here. Sigh. I STILL wish you would enter a share your wisdoms..with students. Some years ago..just as a substitute teacher..i had given the subject artsy-lib. best..and one student..stopped at the door..before leaving. I stepped over to ans. his question. “why do you care?”..he asked. I have always..faced THAT..question. The answer is an only child..i was surrounded by my birth family, the extended family/cousins.. the local farmers and their family groups..and then..the friends of ..all those. 27 people..were my ‘nestlings’..and they always..pointed out what kinds of things I might wish to..look more closely at, or..stay some distance from..while considering..etc. So I told the student..”because so many p[eople..made help me learn, and esp…HOW to go about..learning..i owe this world.. a really HUGE whopping amount of aid/abet/support..others. Thank you for our weekly updates! ina

  2. Paleocore77 Says:

    No going to spam here, I have always looked forward to every post for years here at work, it allows my imagination to run free as I sit here in an office baking under florescent lighting in today’s modern numbness. I think some of the sensitive followers dropped off when boob’s and descriptive language came about but it only fueled my flames for the blog even more, so here’s to 10 more years of mammaries, megafauna and the migration’s of days gone by.

    Thank you!

  3. Jccc 78 Says:

    Hey man thanks for the good content. I just found this blog a few months ago but I’ve had a really good time reading the stuff you’ve put out over the years. Really cool stuff

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