The Alcovy Conservation Center Revisited

I wrote about the Alcovy Conservation Center about 2 months ago.  (See: )  I didn’t realize that if I would’ve continued my walk for just a few more minutes, I would’ve reached 1 of the features of the preserve–a cypress/tupelo swamp.  This type of natural environment is common in the coastal plain of Georgia but rare in the piedmont.  On my 2nd visit I followed the trail to the swamp and found it was more like 1 tupelo tree next to a creek, rather than a swamp.  However there are other trails in the preserve, including 1 with a boardwalk that goes through a swamp.  I’ll have to check these out at a later date.

1 tupelo tree does not equal a swamp.

I was also hoping to find ripe pawpaws.  This is the only site in Georgia where I have ever seen wild pawpaw trees, not counting the trees I’m growing in my yard.  Pawpaws usually ripen during mid-September.  The pawpaws here weren’t quite ripe yet, but I picked some anyway, hoping to ripen them at home.

These pawpaws didn’t look quite ripe yet, but I picked them anyway.

I did find ripe muscadine grapes.  They were the best tasting wild muscadines I ever ate.

These muscadines were blackish purple and very good to eat.

I came at the wrong time of day again to see wildlife–another sultry afternoon.  I did see 5 species of butterfly, but they flittered around so I couldn’t take a photo or identify 2 of them.  I did recognize a black swallowtail, a great sulphur, and a common sulphur.



4 Responses to “The Alcovy Conservation Center Revisited”

  1. ina puustinen westerholm Says:

    So tell me please…how much to pay for a box with a ‘paw paw’ it..sent to Oregon? I am NOT kidding! Never had one..would like to know..what the heck..they are..all about. Many thanks..and you can use my actual contact me. thanks, ina

  2. markgelbart Says:

    My trees aren’t bearing fruit yet (hopefully they will start next year). This is the cheapest I can find on the internet–$16 for 3 lbs + $25 shipping.

    I wouldn’t pay that much for fruit. They taste very sweet with a texture like a cooked sweet potato, and they have a tropical aroma.

  3. dorrie Says:

    I went to a talk on Paw Paws by Trees Atlanta and they said that they only ripen on the tree. I have four but they are not mature enough to have fruit yet.

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