The Senility Episode of Supernatural

My wife and I watch every episode of the television series, Supernatural.  The heroes of the show are 2 brothers who travel around the U.S. to hunt monsters.  It is a successful formula because the show is currently on its 14th season.  The brothers battle ghosts and ghouls, vampires and werewolves, changelings and evil genies, witches and warlocks; and nefarious organizations that occasionally masquerade as allies in the brother’s war on monsters.  The brothers often confront demons and overzealous avenging angels; and both have died, gone to hell, and been brought back to life. Grim reapers are recurring characters on the show, and even God and the devil guest star on some episodes.

Image result for Sam and Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

The premises of some episodes are remarkably inventive.  My favorite was when the brothers discovered their adventures had been chronicled by a writer in a series of obscure books with a cult fan following…but he had published the books before the events occurred and he narrated their exact thoughts.  The writer turned out to be a prophet of God.  In another episode the brothers were transported into the real world where they were just actors in the fictional tv series, Supernatural.  Perhaps the most original episode was when the brothers got stuck in a Scooby Doo cartoon.

Season 12 episode 11 dealt with senility.  The episode entitled “Regarding Dean” superficially was about a witch’s spell that caused 1 of the brothers to gradually lose his memory.  The other brother panics when he realizes the memory loss kept getting worse.  Really, this episode was about Alzheimer’s disease and how the victim and their loved ones suffer the consequences of dementia.  Eventually, Sam figures out how to reverse the witch’s curse, and Dean regains his memories.  But in real life there is no cure for the 2 leading causes of dementia–Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

My mom suffers from dementia and her decline has been shocking and rapid.  Within about a year’s time she went from being a little off on little things to being unable to walk and incapable of consistently communicating.  She primarily shows symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but she also shows signs of Alzheimer’s, and it is not uncommon for people to suffer mixed dementia.  Symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors, muscle rigidity, slowness in movement, change in posture, freezing when walking (leading to frequent falls), weakness in facial muscles, insomnia and falling out of bed, and constipation.  People with Alzheimer’s suffer from memory loss–they misplace objects, get lost in familiar places, and can’t remember family members.  Parkinson’s is caused by low dopamine levels in the brain; Alzheimer’s is the result of brain cell death.

Last time I visited my mom she made very few coherent statements.  When we entered her room she said, “hello Mark and Daphne.”  After that she mostly repeated words over and over or spoke long strings of nonsensical syllables and vowels, much like a baby babbles.  She would fall asleep between babbling.  The only other coherent statement I remember her making during our visit was “lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, I don’t think I’ll ever be really well again.”  The nurse’s aid who takes care of her made an encouraging statement.  She said “sure, you will.”  It’s sad my mom is aware enough to understand her situation.  I understood the symbolism of her repeating lamp over and over.  It meant the light bulb in her head clicked, and she remembered how to tell us what she probably had been trying to say for most of our visit.  I can’t stand seeing my mom in this condition, but I can’t do anything about it.

Parkinson’s disease is an inheritable condition that runs in my family.  My great-grandfather had it.  My grandfather had it.  And my uncle has it. I don’t want to ever be like this…so senile that I can’t remember how to chew and swallow my food.  Some scientific studies suggest drinking wine may help prevent dementia.  The polyphenols in grapes may stop the environmental wear and tear on the brain.  I’ve long thought white wine was the antidote to dementia, but red wine has 8 times more polyphenols.  Red grape juice would probably work as well as wine, but it is not as fun to drink.  So I am going to keep drinking lots of wine.

If I ever start to show symptoms of dementia, I’ve thought about stepping in front of a bus.  But I might survive, and the driver might suffer from guilt.  An alternative might be to have some heavy women sit on my face and smother me to death while she holds my erection.  (If I could choose my death, this would be it.  What a way to go.)  But again, that might cause her to suffer from guilt, not to mention possible jail time.  The only solution then will be to drink myself to death.  Any 1 of these 3 options beats dying of dementia.


3 Responses to “The Senility Episode of Supernatural”

  1. ina puustinen-westerholm Says:

    The program you and your wife have enjoyed watching..sounds like it would be fun for me to watch/second guess. Since my restricted finances..allow us to , indulge in our basic needs..on the 5 generation farm..we read, we wander about..and chat..with those we pass town..on grocery runs./bill paying. Should I still be around..when this series comes out on ‘My Tv’..type for local programming..i Will..make a point to watch it. My curr. wish is to have the opb start reruns of the brit com: Absolutely Fabulous. When I ..grow up..i want to be them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you explained the word repetition”lamp lamp lamp”..yes..we have indeed watched the substitution of words..which my husband almost 85..pulled from his, memory he fights to make..connections. In life..we the game..we are given..and thus..gain personal strengths..we never..ever..really knew..we had. Our branch of the extended family..does this..without a belif in god/gods/goddesses. we happen to enjoy the feeling of being brave..and not fearful. Our religious , other branch..race for their..Good Book. We..pull on our boots, hitch up our pantaloons..and point our noses..out and up, the Trail!!!

  2. ina puustinen-westerholm Says:

    Holy catfish..many thanks to your many wisdoms. I do indeed use the free, cw for the westerns that keep the husband watching..and quiet. There is..the antenna, the window frame. I do not know how to adjust the tv ‘controls’..but the eldest son..does know!! I will explain my hope to..add-in..a channel. Again..thank you so much. Also..imagine your her best mothering days. She you/siblings..the untold strengths..that you built woo and win your wife. To teach and share with your children..the natural worlds, and the political worlds..around you. I fully understand the the bone..that the disintegration..of our loved us..but..this what..they were made to do. To..’sculp us’..into..those strong enough, loving on. Again..thank you.

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