Sadistic American Safari Hunters are Contributing to the Extinction of Africa’s Megafauna

Until well into the 20th century tropical diseases and tribal warfare left large areas of Africa uninhabited, and megafauna flourished.  An estimated 10 million elephants lived on the continent in 1900 and populations of rhinos, giraffes, zebras, lions, and other species were much higher than they are today.  Now, there are just 430,000 elephants living in Africa, and all of Africa’s megafauna are in danger of extinction.  The biggest threats are from overpopulation of people and loss of habitat.  Farmers convert wild lands into agricultural plots, and pastoralists with their increasing herds of cattle will not tolerate ungulates competing for grazing range or predator attacks on their livestock.  Illegal poaching is another major threat.  Trophy hunters from America claim they are helping to protect the last remaining populations of megafauna by supporting local groups that protect hunting preserves from poachers.  Instead, these sadistic safari hunters are contributing to the ongoing extinction of Africa’s most iconic animals.

For a price hunters can still go on a safari and kill rare mammals.  Here are some of the prices on the internet I found for guided safari hunts: elephant ($38,000), endangered white rhino ($66,790), lion-leopard-buffalo ($32,500 for a 26 day safari), zebra ($3500), baboon or jackal ($300).  Giraffes are pretty cheap too–$3450.  Incidentally, giraffe populations are in severe decline.  1 hunter paid $350,000 to kill an extremely rare black rhino.  By contrast a 4 day photographic safari costs just $2500. I am not against sustainable hunting for food, but the idea that rich people would spend this much money to slaughter rare animals in poor countries disgusts me.  This is what they do with their recreational budget?  Travel across the world to wipe out the last remaining populations of iconic animals with high powered rifles? These people are sick.  They make me think of the Nazis who killed my relatives during the Holocaust.

Image result for Donald trump jr safari photos

Here is an example of a Richie Rich douchebag on a safari hunt.  This is 1 of Donald Trump’s sons. He paid a fortune to murder a leopard.  He and his brother went on a safari and killed a leopard, civet cat, antelope, and buffalo. Why the hell would anyone kill a civet cat? He bragged about giving the antelope meat to the locals…the people who can’t afford to hunt these animals themselves.  What a jerk.  Trump’s entire family are a bunch of crooks who are using the White House to personally enrich themselves.  The U.S. is a disgrace for electing such a racist sexist pig to be president.

The claim that these safari hunts help conservation efforts is dubious at best and downright false in most cases.  First of all, there is a moral disconnect between letting rich American hunters slaughter wildlife for trophies,while local poor people are forbidden from hunting for bush meat to help feed their families.  This system stokes the kind of anti-colonial resentment that would foster sympathy for the poachers.  Then, there is the corruption.  Most of these African countries are so corrupt that money spent on safari hunts is pocketed by a few local gangster autocrats, and it does not go toward conserving the wildlife.  For example the $350,000 the hunter spent on killing that black rhino that I mentioned above went to an organization that doesn’t even help conserve black rhinos.  The money is supposed to go to guards that protect the big game animals, but instead it invariably ends up in the hands of some corrupt local politician who doesn’t give a shit about wildlife.  The safari hunters themselves are frequently corrupt.  They often bribe guides to let them get extra trophies above their limit.  Safari hunters claim they only shoot animals past their breeding age.  This demonstrates ignorance about basic biology, and it a ridiculous lie anyway.  None of the big game species they hunt ever live long enough to become infertile with age.  Moreover, they purposefully shoot the best looking trophies–the individuals with the largest horns and the lions with the most luxurious manes–and these animals are the strongest most fertile specimens within the population.  A noted wildlife photographer saw entire lion prides in Botswana wiped out by trophy hunters.  The safari hunters killed all the adult males, so the only male lions left in the area were the cubs that grew up and mated with their mothers, causing inbreeding that led to local extirpation of the pride.  A recent scientific study determined that trophy hunting so weakens the gene pool that it could eventually lead to the extinction of African megafauna.

I think African countries should promote photographic safaris instead of hunting safaris.  Money brought in by safari hunting amounts to less than 1% of tourism dollars brought into Africa by foreigners.  An increase in photographic safaris could easily replace this revenue.  Nevertheless, African megafauna is in big trouble.  As long as a certain percentage of the billion Chinese who live on earth are dumb enough to believe rhino horn is an aphrodisiac, I just don’t see how poaching can be stopped in corrupt African countries.  “Conservation” by safari hunters is a colossal lie that is only contributing to the extinction of these magnificent mammals.


Knell, R.; and Carlos Marinez-Ruiz

“Selective Harvest Focused on Sexual Signal Traits can lead to Extinction Under Directional Environmental Change”

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biological Science November 2017

11 Responses to “Sadistic American Safari Hunters are Contributing to the Extinction of Africa’s Megafauna”

  1. ina puustinen-westerholm Says:

    I would prob. use the word..’under educated’..rather than ‘sadistic’..where you have chosen to use it. These types of wide..from very wealthy, priveleged life styles..are simply the very deepest levels..from being wrapped in experiences..much like a cotton candy experience..rather set their lil feet upon a cold floor, hut pounded dirt..and seek water..and the companionship..of others..from day one..of their birth. a practiced response, chosen with malice aforthought. These sorts..including the trump members. shown here..are as the rest of lab old fashioned labs. They are caged away..from..the real, the healthy, the living world..of the family of mankind. Yes..they wish consort..with the likes of real, everyday..americans. A solution? Every town..usa..who has a fairly well diverse population..offer to adopt..for 3 months..a trump. They live with us, they bath, they cook, they do not go anywhere..we do not go. They touch NOT..any..of their..’normal lives’. Guessing that will..NOT 😉

    • markgelbart Says:

      Most safari hunters have college educations, so you can’t call them uneducated. They derive pleasure from cruelty…the dictionary definition of sadism.

  2. ina puustinen-westerholm Says:

    In my ancient viewpoint..JUST having a college ed. is not the ‘bar’..they must achieve. It is that they..must have also..a wide ranging awareness..of the humanity..around them, around the world..and then..the depth of empathy..which..lets say..humanitarians..from throughout time..have evinced. So..i fall back upon that term…..UNDER educated. Do I feel that the ‘great white hunters’..are loving the blood and a field situation? No even that. If you pushed a thermometer..up their backsides..for would register pretty

  3. m Says:

    It’s like “appointing an arsonist as the town fire marshal,” said one conservationist.

    WASHINGTON — Former Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, who has a long history of sparring with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over species listings, has been appointed to a key Trump administration post overseeing policy for the wildlife agency and national parks.

    The Austin American-Statesman first reported the news on Thursday. Combs, also a former state representative and Texas’s first female agriculture commissioner, once likened proposed Endangered Species Act listings to “incoming Scud missiles” headed for her state’s oil and gas-rich economy.

    President Donald Trump tapped Combs in July to serve as his assistant secretary of the Interior Department’s Office of Policy, Management and Budget, where she would have influence over the agency’s decisions on finance, policy, management and environmental affairs. But her nomination has remained stalled in the Senate.

  4. m Says:

    No place to hide? Great as long as it is kept out of the wrong hands. Will it? Not if history is any clue.

    Astro-ecology: Saving endangered animals with software for the stars

  5. m Says:

    “Dominionistic-Primary satisfactions derived from mastery
    and control over animals, typically in sporting situations. ”

    It is best not to go overboard on the “Sadistic American Safari Hunters” stereotype. Not all hunters are like that as Kellert pointed out. There are many different motivations.

    Trump wildlife protection board stacked with trophy hunters

    However, SCI and its ilk are full of the douche bags that meet his Dominionistic category.

  6. m Says:

    ​​​The ban of the cave bear

    Human hunting and renewed global cooling led to extinction of giant bears in Europe, say palaeobiologists

    Seems to be an old problem.

  7. mr. casey Says:

    April 9th 2012 Forbes did the journalistic endeavor of Finding the TRUTH concerning Donald Trump Jr’s safari hunt in Zimbabwe. No intelligent person should bother themselves to read your work when you fail this big. Being a Trump bigot doesn’t make your writing better…In this case, your hatred proves you incapable of journalistic research at the most elementary level…

    • markgelbart Says:

      Could you be more specific? I have no idea what you mean when you claim “I fail big.”

      • markgelbart Says:

        BTW, I just read the Forbes article. I challenge you to find anything in that article that refutes anything I wrote in mine. In fact the author of that article admits the Trumps used an “unregistered safari company.”

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