Scientists give Religion too much Respect

Warning: I’m standing on my soap box today.  This blog article might offend Christians, Jews, Muslims, mentally disabled people, the LGBT community, and Native Americans.

I was having a hard time understanding a recent news report on National Public Radio.  The story was about opposition to the execution of a mentally disabled man in Georgia.  I couldn’t figure out what the hell mentally disabled meant.  When I think of the disabled, I think of someone like my wife who can’t walk.  Finally, I remembered mentally disabled was the politically correct term for retarded.  Politically correct fascists have declared the word, retarded, to be offensive and derogatory.  I don’t understand how calling someone mentally disabled could be any less offensive than referring to them as retarded.  Public figures are so afraid now of offending certain groups of people they use confusing terms that just muddy communication.  Another example is the ban of the word, queer.  Instead, the accepted term is LGBT, even though that isn’t any more clear than using the word, queer.  A person listening to a  news report about LGBT people doesn’t know whether the reporter means the L, the G, the B, or the T.  Aren’t the L and the G redundant anyway?  Clarity in language doesn’t matter anymore, just as long as no one is offended.

Scientists are usually among the most enlightened members of society and fear offending people more than most.  This is a shame.  Half of Americans reject the fundamental basis of biological science because it interferes with the narrative of their Sunday school bible stories.  I wish that just once, a prominent scientist would stand up and publicly declare that the bible is full of shit.  People believe the bible is a holy sacred work.  It is not.  It was written thousands of years ago by ignorant fanatics who  favored slavery, oppression of women, and the execution of misbehaving children among many other crimes against humanity.  The God of the bible is pro genocide.  Yes, God told the Israelites to kill every man, woman, child, baby, farm animal, and pet in the town of Jericho.  Christians claim Jesus repudiated the excesses of the Old Testament, but this isn’t true.  In Mathew 5:17 Jesus endorsed all of the Old Testament atrocities when he said, “Do not think I have come to destroy the Law or the Prophets.  I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.”

Tissot The Taking of Jericho.jpg

After the walls of Jericho tumbled down, the Israelites committed genocide, slaughtering men, women, children, farm animals, and pets; all according to God’s orders.  The bible is full of shit like this.  Anyone who considers the bible to be a “holy” book hasn’t really read it.  The bible is for morons.

Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was a mass murderer, an armed robber, a bigamist, and a pedophile.  The Islamic religion was forced upon the Middle East at the point of a sword, just as Christianity was forced upon Europe.  During the Age of Reason secular forces gained control over religion in most of Europe, allowing science and modern progressive values to advance.  If not for this power transfer, western civilization would still be oppressed by a theocracy, not unlike that seen in the Arab region today. Laws in Western countries are no longer written by clerics…for the most part.

Here is an exception. The U.S. Congress passed the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act–a law influenced by religious beliefs.  Indian skeletons and associated artifacts found on government land are supposed to be reburied, according to the stupid superstitions of the tribe that has the closest cultural affiliation to them. Politicians think it is important to show respect for Indian traditions.  I think this law is an impediment to archaeology and historical knowledge.  Scientific data can be lost because the religious beliefs of some idiotic Indians might be offended.

The conflict between science and Native American Indian religious beliefs became apparent in the case of Kennewick man.  The skeleton of a 9500 year old man was discovered along the Columbia River in Washington.  Specimens of humans from this time period in North America are incredibly rare.  Kennewick man was almost a 1 of kind type of discovery, yet the Army Corps of Engineers planned to give the skeleton to a local Indian tribe that was going to bury him without study.  Fortunately, a group of scientists pooled their money together and sued the government for access to the specimen, and several judges ruled in their favor.  Local Indians could not prove they were culturally associated with Kennewick man.  Bill Clinton, the rapist president, ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to bury the site where Kennewick man was found, so scientists couldn’t study the archaeological context, but at least they are allowed to study the skeleton.

Reconstruction of Kennewick Man’s face.  Idiotic Indians wanted to rebury the skeletal remains and prevent archaeologists from studying this extremely rare specimen.

Some Indians believe skeletons are sacred spiritual remains.  This is a really stupid belief.  There probably is no such thing as a spirit, and even if there is, I doubt a spirit would hang around its lifeless remains.  Shouldn’t a spirit be gone to the spirit world?  Physical remains should be unimportant, if there is such a thing as a spirit world.  There just is no logic in the belief that a corpse is sacred.

Alcohol abuse causes 12% of Native American fatalities–4 times the rate of the general population.  Indian babies are born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder at 7 times the rate of the general population.  39% of Native American women suffer spousal abuse–by far the highest of any ethnic group.  The prevalence of alcoholic wife-beating losers in the Native American population is a  much more serious problem than whether some ancient bones get reburied or whether the Washington Redskins change their name.  Indian protestors need to change their priorities to focus on problems that really matter in this world, rather than the imaginary spirit world.

Native American protester outside Washington's game in Dallas in 2013.

If Indians are offended by the Washington Redskins, I’ve got the perfect solution for them…Don’t go to any Redskin games, you stupid jerks!

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20 Responses to “Scientists give Religion too much Respect”

  1. George Crawford Says:

    Reblogged this on BLACKWATER LOCALITY #1 and commented:
    I don’t normally get political here but I wanted to reblog this interesting soap box rant from a fellow prehistory blogger. It will probably offend those of you easily offended but I certainly feel his pain. The frustration of dealing with with the crazy, whether it is from religious fundamentalists or random people wanting to censor the things that offend THEM. Try to read it with an open mind.

  2. markgelbart Says:


    I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time but have delayed because it’s an unpleasant subject, but it is how I honestly feel.

  3. alarob Says:

    Now that you’ve explained to most of the human race how wrong they are not to share your opinions, I’m sure the world is about to become a much better place. Please do continue to share your sweeping generalizations with us. There is not nearly enough of this kind of thing on the Internet.

    • markgelbart Says:

      I never wrote that people were wrong because they don’t share my opinions.

      You totally miss the points I was trying to convey.

      Try rereading my article.

      Hint: I have a problem with people who are afraid to be honest because of political correctness and who live in an alternative reality.

      • alarob Says:

        I have read your article thoroughly. It rails against one large, vaguely classified class of people after another because they do not speak or believe as you feel they should. (I apologize for using the word “opinions.” I suppose I’m one of those “politically correct fascists” who is sullying the pristine clarity of our English tongue.)

        Yes, I am using sarcasm. No, I don’t want a flame war. You have every right to hold and to express these opinions; that’s obvious to me. I recognize the strong emotion behind what you wrote, and I see that it struck a chord with other readers. But speaking only for myself, I was disappointed in it. I tried to express my disappointment with humor, but I’m afraid it came across as heavy-handed. Sorry.

        There’s no particular reason you should care what I think. But comment threads are for feedback from readers, and one reader would prefer not to see any more posts that label millions of people as fascists or idiots. It’s just a preference.

  4. markgelbart Says:

    They aren’t vaguely classified people. In fact I labeled them exactly in my warning. And I’m satisfied that I explained why I think they are fascists and/or idiots.

    Why would you be disappointed in what I wrote? What did you expect to read after seeing my warning? No one forced you to read the whole article. The warning should have been enough to suggest to you not to read it so as to avoid disappointment.

    • alarob Says:

      Of course no one “forced” me to read the post. I do fit into one of the categories you warned about, but I have a thick skin. What disappoints me, stated as briefly as possible, is that you expressed some of your most cherished or firmly held opinions are founded on presumptions — IOW, assumptions unsupported by evidence, also known as prejudices.

      You touch on an interesting subject related to prehistory — the disposition of prehistoric human remains — but you have so little control of your emotions that you soon lose control of your language. The results are mundane, like any of 500 million online comment threads. Compared to your usual posts, this is lazy-ass writing. For example, you complain about people who replaced “retarded” with “mentally disabled,” while you use “idiot” to mean “person who annoys me” and “fascist” for “person whose politics offend me.”

      I’m bored by this. I’ve had more than my fill of writers who confuse their personal experience with universal reality and who have no sense of historical or cultural context. Until this post, I didn’t think you belonged to that group. But let’s look at just the most obvious errors of fact in your lazy-ass post: No one has banned the word “queer,” for instance. Your case for a genocidal Jesus is based on ignorance of the Torah in general, and of the genocidal passages you condemn, in particular. (I would explain, but it seems clear that you wouldn’t give a shit. Yet it’s just this kind of ignorance of the Bible, obvious to any Baptist Sunday-schooler, that undermines so many attempts by secularists to persuade creationists to change their minds.) Moving on: A man can’t be a “bigamist” in a polygamous society. Your other criminal terms for Mohammed are similarly anachronistic. There is no “Arab religion,” at least not since Arab paganism died out more than a millennium ago. And Western societies have a long tradition of worshipping physical remains of dead heroes, or objects associated with them. It’s a major component of the United States’ secular religion as well, or have you never seen the National Mall in Washington?

      I have no patience for people who assume that anyone who holds a belief contrary to their own is ipso facto proved ignorant, irrational, or insane. And I don’t know why I waste my time on blog posts that harp on logic while making flawed arguments, or that complain about political correctness while airing a bunch of things that have offended the blogger’s delicate sensitivities. No, I do know why. It’s because Ifollow this blog and I expect it to be worth reading and thinking about. But this post stank.

  5. markgelbart Says:

    You are wrong: I don’t use the word idiot for people who annoy me. I use idiot for people who are foolish (the dictionary definition). I don’t use fascist for people whose politics offend me. I use fascist for people who try to force their values on society. The use of those words is accurate writing–not “lazy ass writing.’

    Politically correct media pundits have banned the word queer. Can you imagine the uproar if someone like Brian Williams used the word queer?

    I’m not ignorant of the Torah. I have thoroughly studied the bible. The God of the bible is genocidal. You were unable to explain how he was not. The Book of Joshua can not be explained away.

    Mohammed was a bigamist according to modern values. And mass murder is always mass murder. You can’t explain that away by using the term anachronistic.

  6. Pinkus Says:

    I found your site searching for more details on paleo-Indians living on the east coast ice age shelf landmass during the Hudson/narrows flood (~13,000 years ago) and I can’t stop reading every single post you’ve written.

    I am so impressed with your broad gathering of information. Please do not stop. You are amazing. I wish I could have been taught from childhood by a mind like yours.

    And this post was brilliant. If only the masses could move beyond the simple myths.

  7. chris Says:

    you have said what others are to scared to say……god job.amazing posts.

  8. ykao2004 Says:

    you are MAAADDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! when Jesus came he fulfilled the law of sacrifice by giving his own life. you can’t say the Bible is shit, idiot

  9. ykao2004 Says:

    science has proved that events in the Bible happened archeologists have cities mentioned in the bible so there

  10. Yanis Obeng Says:

    I’m a christian and I will not stand this idiocy. Because God chose Israel to be His chosen people and the Canaanites were pagan, he told them to destroy them as an offering to Him
    Now I’m going to give you a solemn warning: NEVER INSULT GOD!
    IF YOU TRY IT , God will be merciful to you but DON’T TRY HIM!!!
    Many people in history have done what you did and God exterminated them
    do you know where you’ll go when you die?
    please reconsider and stop if you won’t become a christian, fine, but stop trying to make others not become christians
    This is from a 13 year-old boy

    • markgelbart Says:

      You are a brainwashed clown. How can you justify killing babies, even if their parents are pagan? God ordered the Israelites to kill babies. Shouldn’t he have told them to adopt the children? Wait, I guess God is in favor of abortion.

  11. Yanis Obeng Says:

    i have said what needs to be said. if you won’t listen it’s none of my business
    God told the Israelites to kill all men, women and children because He doesn’t allow sin to go unpunished and for your information, God is NOT in favor of abortion

    • markgelbart Says:

      What sins did babies, farm animals, and pets commit?

      • Yanis Says:

        The Bible says that God is just and holy, that He does not allow sin to go unpunished and He brings down the sins of the fathers onto the sons. Don’t think that God isn’t looking. He will judge you.

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